You mean tools?

Can tools be things of beauty? You tell me.

shiny tools

As with everything, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is a ┬ánear fact that almost anything that is designed well will have an innate beauty dictated by the fact that it performs it’s duty with ultimate efficiency.

Regardless of that fact, beauty in this case is in the eye of this beholder. And even if there is not beauty in all tools, the cool factor of many tools gives them a pass.

So in my effort to share things with you the gentle reader, you can be sure that tools will be among those things.

Other things that you might expect to see any time you stop on in are things car related, Of course, it goes without saying that cars and beauty are intertwined.

ford art

There. That should hold you for a while.

If I can just keep it up I will share more with you as the weeks wend their way past.

Hello You World!

First days are important days. They can be the thing that sets any project off on the right foot.

Getting off on the wrong foot on the other hand can be a disaster. If the project is started with a negative attitude things can begin to spiral into disaster.

I have no intention that that should happen here. I trust that the people who will come to this place will have interests similar to mine. Tools and stuff. Lots of stuff. Stuff that creates beauty, and other stuff that is just cool in and of itself.

Stuff that creates beauty and stuff that is beauty. Or at least that adds to the world of cool.

That is my plan. It is my blog after all and  my wish will be done.

Not that I am being high handed. I am just being me and will continue to be. That is not a problem, since I am usually so charming.

I shall endeavor to be even more so. Just come back. I promise.

Oops. Gotta go.